Maguire University Executives/Board of Directors 2023-2024

Maguire University Executives/Board of Directors 2023-2024


Chancellor-President:                                                                    Arthur Duffy

Chief Of Staff:                                                                                 Caitriona Boden-Duffy

Vice Chancellor & Provost for Academic Affairs & Admissions:                                                                                                                               Jimmy Dillon

Director & General Counsel:                                                       Al Naclerio

Director of Alumni Relations & Advancement:                         D.J. Moore

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics:                                         Tim Feldheim

Director & Chief Financial Officer:                                            Rodney Talbot

Director & Investment Officer:                                                  Shawn Roberts

Director & Travel Secretary:                                                      Eileen Broderick

Director of Equipment & Transportation:                                John Broderick

Director Student Services & Player Development:                Katie Feldheim

Director & Chief Information Officer:                                      Kyle Sprinkle

Director of Site Advancement & Facilities Research:           Adam Martucci

Director & Dean of Students & Student Affairs:                   Thomas ‘Cat” Morris

Dean, College of Design, Construction & Planning:            Samir Burshan

Director of Strategic Communications & Marketing:           Dan Church

Dean, College of Journalism, Communications

                & Social Media:                                                       Matthew Church


                Maguire University will have fifteen (17) people with voting privilege for the 2023-2024 NCAA/Maguire University Basketball season.