The Maguire University History

How it all started in 1963

It was way back in 1963 when Loyola’s basketball team traveled to Louisville to compete in hat is now known as the Final Four. Back then is was simply known as “the finals,” with two semi-final games played on Friday and the championship game on Saturday.

That season, Loyola had been highly rated team. They were led by Coach George Ireland and Assistant Coach Bill Shay, who happened to be regulars at a certain bar in Forest Park called Maguire’s. The bar was a popular hangout for fans and the coaching staff from Fenwick High School and other Catholic League teams.

Scouts were known to drop in at Maguire’s, well aware that they were likely to talk with some of the most well-informed enthusiasts of high school basketball in the city.



The Maguire University Campus is Located at Kelly’s Pub

949 West Webster Avenue – at the corner of Sheffield and Webster in Chicago

With its perfect location, situated in the very heart of the city’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, Kelly’s Pub has proudly served as the main campus and headquarters of Maguire University since 1988.

The historic pub is owned by John and Polly Kelly, who also happen to be celebrated alumni of Maguire! Kelly’s Pub is among Chicago’s most well-known establishments – it’s been featured in films, documentaries and several other forms of media many times over the years.

Chicago history buffs may recall that Kelly’s Pub was actually the first pub to open in the post-prohibition era. Legend has it that it was at Kelly’s Pub where bank robber John Dillinger stopped in to enjoy a couple of drinks just before meeting his demise a few blocks away at the Biograph Theater.

Kelly’s Is A Classic

Friendly neighborhood gathering place that still features its original back bar and distinctive cabinetry.

The pub is typically filled with a diverse clientele of Chicagoans drawn to the great atmosphere and a huge selection of bottled and draft beers, weekly drink specials, delicious pub fare and spacious beer garden in the summertime. Plus – and this is very important for the Maguire University team – there are 14 large television screens for watching NCAA basketball games!



Maguire University Hall of Fame Members

Listed by Year of Induction

2016 2015
Ray Carci
DJ Moore
Bob Hahner
Kevin Maguire
2014 2013
Mike Bullock
Kyle Sprinkle
Randall Meeks
Meg Comer
Cathy Duffy
Billy Rice
2012 2010
Mary Costello
Jim Hague
Jim Abercrombie
Tom Scanlan
2008 2005
Matt Church Jim Dillon
Arthur S Duffy


Maguire University Executives/Board of Directors 2023-2024



Arthur Duffy

Chief Of Staff

Caitriona Boden-Duffy

Vice Chancellor & Provost for Academic Affairs & Admissions          

Jimmy Dillon

Director & General Counsel

Al Naclerio

Director of Alumni Relations & Advancement

D.J. Moore

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

Tim Feldheim

Director & Chief Financial Officer

Rodney Talbot

Director & Investment Officer

Shawn Roberts

Director & Travel Secretary

Eileen Broderick

Director of Equipment & Transportation

John Broderick

Director Student Services & Player Development

Thomas ‘Cat” Morris

Dean, College of Design, Construction & Planning

Samir Burshan

Director of Strategic Communications & Marketing

Dan Church

Dean, College of Journalism, Communications &Social Media

 Matthew Church


    Maguire University will have fifteen (15) people with voting privilege for the 2023-2024 NCAA/Maguire University Basketball